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  • Case study: Fibromyalgia and thyroid problems

    Case study: Fibromyalgia and thyroid problems

    Taryn was a 27 year old photographer who came for see me for help with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is not that common in such young girls, but Taryn had a long history of immune system problems, and fibromyalgia is common in people like that. Read More »
  • Alcoholism is not a weakness

    Alcoholism is not a weakness

    Alcoholism runs in families Over the 30 years I’ve been researching alcoholism, there is one glaring fact that stands out, psychologically and physiologically, this disease is inherited.  It is an emotional disease combined with a physical allergy to alcohol. Even ... Read More »
  • Raw juice for a healthy brain

    Raw juice for a healthy brain

    Serves 1 ½ cup blueberries ¼ red cabbage 1 green apple 2 red radishes 1 large handful parsley 1 large carrot Pass all ingredients through a juicer and drink. Recommended for you Liver Rescue Juice Alkalizing green juice Cleansing green ... Read More »
  • LivaTone Plus Helped Me to Regain My Health

    I just had to write and let people know what a wonderful product Livatone Plus is, and how much it’s helping me to regain my health. I had ordered a bottle of the Livatone Plus capsules after having read The Liver Cleansing Diet and The Toxic Liver books by Sandra Cabot. I wanted to be able to give my liver all the help it could get, as my health has been extremely poor these past few years to the point that I knew I had to do something or I’d be dead soon. Read More »
  • Depression & Anxiety Today Tonight

    In this interview on Australia’s Today Tonight program, Dr Sandra Cabot discusses how to treat anxiety and depression. These conditions can really affect a person’s life and, so, it is very important to understand and treat depression and anxiety adequately. ... Read More »