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  • Letter to a Female Alcoholic

    Letter to a Female Alcoholic

    Alcohol and liver disease – an ugly combination. Wherever you are, at whatever stage in the long descent, this is for you. It says nothing of shame or scorn or ridicule; it brings only love and understanding and help. If ... Read More »
  • Tasty chicken skewers

    Tasty chicken skewers

    Serves 4 4 chicken breasts, sliced into bite sized pieces Juice from one lemon (approximately ¼ cup) 1 teaspoon dried oregano Salt and pepper, to taste Olive oil, for cooking Preheat the grill to medium. Thread the chicken onto skewers. ... Read More »
  • Healing my Fatty Liver

    When I finally gave up smoking after almost 30 years, I realised that I would probably put some weight on and I was prepared for that. What I did not expect was to find I now had a fatty liver. ... Read More »
  • Why Diets Don’t Work

    Why Diets Don’t Work

    Dr Sandra Cabot interviews Marcel Mogg who, after trying many fad diets and even having had lap band surgery, was unable to maintain any kind of successful long term weight loss. In this interview, you will learn how Dr Cabot, ... Read More »