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  • Are you giving your cells the nutrients they need to create energy?

    Are you giving your cells the nutrients they need to create energy?

    Fatigue is an extremely common problem I see at my clinics. Many patients complain of unrefreshing sleep and fatigue in the mornings, making it difficult for them to face the challenges of the day. Some patients feel alright in the mornings, yet their energy quickly runs out in the early afternoon, and they arrive home from work each evening thoroughly exhausted. Long term fatigue can lead to depression, and feeling depressed only depletes energy levels even further. There are so many different possible causes of fatigue, which can make it a difficult condition to overcome. Poor quality sleep, hormonal imbalances and immune system disorders are all common culprits. One culprit that people often don’t think of is nutrient deficiencies. Read More »
  • Roast pumpkin and chicken salad

    Roast pumpkin and chicken salad

    Serves 2 2 cooked chicken breasts (or leftover roast chicken), diced 1 cup diced raw pumpkin 2 cloves garlic, sliced ¼ red onion, sliced ½ red pepper (capsicum), sliced ½ cup cherry tomatoes, halved 1 handful arugula (rocket) Salt and ... Read More »
  • My doctor was totally stunned

    When I was first diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer it took a little while for the reality to sink in. Within a few days of the results, I made a decision to not accept this news laying down. I was already ... Read More »
  • Depression & Anxiety Today Tonight

    In this interview on Australia’s Today Tonight program, Dr Sandra Cabot discusses how to treat anxiety and depression. These conditions can really affect a person’s life and, so, it is very important to understand and treat depression and anxiety adequately. ... Read More »