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Edition #9.1 Cirrhosis of the liver – what you must know

Cirrhosis of the liver: What you need to know

The term cirrhosis means scarring of the liver. In this disease process the healthy liver tissue becomes replaced with hard fibrous scar tissue, which distorts the structure of the liver.


This scar tissue is non-functional, meaning it cannot perform the functions of liver cells. The scar tissue reduces the flow of blood in the liver and the flow of blood back to the liver from the intestines, and the spleen becomes restricted.


Cirrhosis is a process that occurs slowly and takes many years to develop, eventually resulting in failure of the liver to perform its functions. There are 5 stages of cirrhosis with stage 1 being mild and stage 5 being severe with a large amount of scar tissue.

The process of inflammation in the liver damages liver cells eventually resulting in their death, and the dead liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue. Thus the process of cirrhosis is caused by chronic (long lasting) inflammation.

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Liver cleansing juice




6 kale leaves

1 large carrot

1/2 broccoli floret

1 red apple

1 handful fresh parsley

2 strawberries




Pass all through a juice extractor and drink.  You can make a larger quantity and freeze the excess in individual portions for later consumption.


Best wishes for your good health,


Sandra Cabot MD & Margaret Jasinska ND