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Dr Sandra Cabot Seminars and Itinerary

Dr Sandra Cabot Seminars

Sandra Cabot Seminars

  • Learn about the latest natural hormonal creams and lozenges to slow down aging and boost your libido!
  • Ageing Without Alzheimer’s and Dementia – Proven strategies to save your brain
  • Unlock the Secrets that are Keeping you Fat!
  • Learn about the 4 Body Shapes that determine your trouble spots and the foods that spell danger for your figure.
  • How do you know if you have a Dysfunctional Liver – come along and find out
  • Strategies to reduce depression, stress and anxiety.
  • Natural treatment of thyroid conditions.
  • Other topics include: Endometriosis, Acne, Chronic Fatigue, PMT, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Syndrome X

Speak to Dr Cabot or one of her health team after the seminar and have your personal questions answered.

If you want to book a CORPORATE SEMINAR please email us

Dr Sandra Cabot is an expert in women’s hormonal problems. She can show you how to overcome premenstrual syndrome, menopausal symptoms, poor libido, postnatal depression, acne, excessive body hair and hormonal headaches. Dr Sandra Cabot explains in simple terms the use of natural hormones such as progesterone, DHEA, estrogen and testosterone.

She can explain how such treatments can be tailor made and refined for the individual woman. You can also learn about herbs and foods that contain natural plant estrogens. You will be amazed at the powerful effect that hormones have in our bodies.

Doctor Sandra Cabot is a Medical Doctor who uses natural therapies and can explain the use of nutritional supplements for a wide range of common health problems such as endometriosis, chronic fatigue, poor immune function and common pain syndromes such as headaches, arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Sandra Cabot has found that, after almost 30 years of medical practise, the most powerful healing tool for women is diet. She can give you the dietary tools to rejuvenate your tired body and slow down the aging process. You can learn how to improve the function of your liver, which is the most important organ of metabolism.

Dr Sandra Cabot’s health Team

If you are struggling with weight problems and don’t know why, Dr Sandra Cabot and her health team show you the solutions. Dr Cabot has helped thousands of women with weight and hormonal problems both in Australia and overseas.

A healthy liver is the key to weight control and will enable you to lose weight easily without counting calories or weighing every morsel of food.

Another subject that will fascinate you is that of the four body types and learning which body type you are. Each body type has different hormonal and metabolic characteristics that determine where weight gain will occur.

Learn which diet suits your body type and can help to balance your hormones.

Are You Interested In Organising a Seminar?

If you are interested in organising a seminar, drop us an e-mail. Financial incentives and fund raising possibilities are available.

To keep up to date with Dr Cabot’s worldwide travel schedule, bookmark this page. Please note that seminar schedules may change from time to time due to popular demand.