Many people consume sugar-free foods that contain artificial sweeteners in an effort to cut calories and lose weight. Unfortunately, these foods may have the opposite effect. Research has shown that artificial sweeteners may harm your metabolism in a way that makes weight gain more likely, and also the development of type 2 diabetes. This is a problem since sugar substitutes are particularly popular among diabetics.

It is thought that artificial sweeteners harm the metabolism by altering the composition of intestinal bacteria in a detrimental way. Your gut bugs enable you to extract calories from food and direct the conversion of food to energy or fat storage. We all have trillions of microbes in our gut and they are known as the gut microbiome.

An Israeli study suggests that artificial sweeteners increase the population of gut bacteria that are more efficient at deriving energy from food and turning it into fat. According to Peter Turnbaugh of the University of California, San Francisco, artificial sweeteners may favor the growth of bacteria that make more calories available to us, calories that can then find their way to our hips, thighs, and midriffs.

The artificial sweeteners used in this research are aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose.

Increasing your intake of protein and healthy fats greatly helps to reduce sugar cravings. If you really want a bit of sweetness, stevia and xylitol are both plant-derived and have not been shown to adversely affect the metabolism. They are found in Nature Sweet, which is an all natural sugar substitute.

Minimizing sugar in the diet can be incredibly difficult for a lot of people because sugar addiction can be a massive problem. The ingredients in Glicemic Balance capsules help stabilize blood sugar, reducing your desire for sugar and carbs.