Losing weight successfully requires time, effort and patience.  Often we start out well on an eating plan and exercise regime, but then stress gets in the way and causes us to fall off the wagon.  There are several effective ways to manage stress; these include exercise, speaking to a good friend or counsellor, changing your mental outlook, identifying negative self talk and finding ways to replace it with more positive thoughts.  Meditation and breathing exercises are excellent for helping to still the mind and calm the body.
Here are some active meditations you may wish to try:

Square breathing:  Start with an exhalation breath through the mouth for a count of 4, then hold the breath for 2 counts, then inhale through the nose (allowing the stomach to relax and fill) for 4 breaths and then hold for 2 and keep repeating.  Be aware if your shoulders are rising; you want to ensure they are relaxed back and down.  Ensure this pace of breathing is comfortable and then work up to six breaths in and three holding, or even eight breaths in and four holding.

Mindful Walking:  This sounds simple and it is, ensure you are wearing comfortable clothing and shoes.  Leave the mobile phone at home! Be aware of your shoulders; keep them relaxed and down.  Make sure your torso is lifted and supported, allowing the legs to move freely with even weight.  Aim to breathe in time with your steps, for example breathing out for four steps then hold for one step, then inhale for four steps.  You want to have the amount of effort at the level where you do not need to adjust your breathing. If you are able to walk in a pleasant environment, such as a park, beach, or wherever you find calming, do so.  A good amount of time to aim for would be around 15-30 minutes.

Yoga: There are different forms of yoga and each person will have a different preference, so I encourage you to talk to a few instructors, and attend some classes.  This will give you skills to then practice at home, allowing you to become extremely familiar with your body and any tension you may be holding. One of the major benefits of yoga is the practice of breathing.  Make the breath the focus, and every moment keep your attention on your breath.  If the mind wanders, just bring your awareness back and discover the stillness in your body and gaze. This allows you to recognise and acknowledge any irritation or resistance, whereas when you are busy, that same awareness may be lost, through everyday activities.


I realise this may not be your focus for weight loss, however including any of these activities will make you a healthier, calmer and more relaxed person.  Thus your chance of attaining your goal of weight loss will be greatly enhanced.