Suzy is a 55 year old lady who came to my clinic recently seeking help for ongoing skin issues.

After suffering an episode of feverish illness associated with sweats, aches and pains and fatigue, Suzy started to experience recurrent blisters on her left buttock. These blisters hung around and then developed into an itchy red rash and ulcers, which then became secondarily infected with opportunistic skin bacteria.

She consulted a skin specialist who didn’t take a swab from the blistery rash to see if it was caused by the herpes virus. The specialist treated it with steroid creams and antibiotics and Suzy got worse. She continued to suffer with chronic fatigue, sore muscles and recurrent blisters on her buttock, which were extremely itchy. Suzy went to see another skin specialist who confirmed that the blisters were in fact caused by herpes.

Suzy had an illness previously, which may have been Lyme disease, as she lived on the border of a national park where she had been exposed to ticks. This illness weakened her immune system allowing the herpes virus to reactivate in the nerves supplying the buttocks.

I also found that she had the genetic pattern for gluten intolerance and she also had bowel symptoms suggestive of a leaky gut. Gluten intolerant people are usually low in minerals that are essential to fight viral infections, such as herpes. Low selenium is particularly common, so I gave Suzy a supplement. Although she didn’t have celiac disease, I put this lady on a gluten free diet and gave her my ultimate gut health powder to repair her leaky gut and strengthen her immune system. I also gave her vitamin C, which would help the immune system fight all types of infections.

Lastly, I gave Suzy my liver tonic Livatone. Her liver health was compromised. Having a leaky gut promotes liver inflammation, because intestinal contents leak to the liver. This meant her liver was not doing an adequate job of detoxifying her bloodstream, hence she couldn’t recover from these infections.

It took six months for Suzy to be entirely symptom free and feel healthy and energetic.

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