Cashews contain a substance called anacardic acid, which has a natural anti-estrogen effect. One handful of cashews contains approximately 20 mg of anarcardic acid. Researchers from the University of Louisville recently discovered that anacardic acid was able to kill hormone sensitive breast cancer cells in their test tubes.

Plant foods are full of beneficial compounds that help to balance your hormones and reduce the risk of hormone dependent cancers such as breast cancer. Try to include a wide variety of different nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Make sure you eat different colored vegetables and fruits each day, as the pigments that give these foods their colours are known to have numerous health benefits.

Excess estrogen is a very common condition among women because our food and environment are flooded with estrogen, and synthetic chemicals that behave like estrogen. High estrogen can promote problems like PMS, heavy or painful menstrual bleeding, uterine fibroids and an increased risk of breast cancer.

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