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Hepatitis Has Many Faces


Hepatitis Has Many Faces When we hear the word hepatitis we usually think of the viruses that attack the liver, especially hepatitis C and B, which wreak havoc worldwide. Thankfully ...

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6 Signs You Could Be Magnesium Deficient


Magnesium deficiency can be difficult to diagnose because it can cause such a wide range of different symptoms and health problems. It is also difficult to test whether a person has sufficient magnesium in their body. Blood tests are not useful because only approximately 1 percent of the body’s magnesium is present in the bloodstream. Most magnesium is in the bones, muscles and organs. Not many people realise just how critical magnesium is to your body. This mineral is responsible for approximately 300 metabolic processes in your body.

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High Triglycerides Are A Risk Factor For Pancreatitis


High Triglycerides Are A Risk Factor For Pancreatitis Pancreatitis can be fatal. Knowing your triglyceride level can provide an early warning system. Triglycerides are a type of blood fat. Having a ...

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10 Reasons You Might Have High Cholesterol


If you’ve ever had a blood test, it’s highly likely your doctor has checked your cholesterol level. Although we believe cholesterol is over rated, it is useful to know your blood level of this fat. Cholesterol is a very important substance in your body. In fact, every cell of your body requires cholesterol to survive. Elevated cholesterol can be a risk factor for heart disease, but it is only one of many risk factors. Rather than rushing to take a drug or natural substance that lowers cholesterol, why not consider why your cholesterol is elevated in the first place?

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Should You Take Iodine If You Have A Thyroid Problem?


Should You Take Iodine If You Have A Thyroid Problem? Iodine is a non-metallic trace element that is needed by your body in very tiny amounts. Even though your requirement for ...

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Case Study: Joint Pain And Fatty Liver


Case Study: Joint Pain And Fatty Liver Hanna is a 28 year old Hungarian lady who came to my clinic seeking help for pain in her wrists, and fatty liver. ...

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Herpes – The Many Faces It Wears

Herpes. Medical Concept on Red Background.

Herpes – The Many Faces It Wears Over the years I have seen the herpes virus cause many so called “mysterious health complaints” in patients, the cause of which eluded ...

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Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight After Menopause?

Weight gain and menopause Most women gain some weight when they reach menopause. Women who have always struggled with their weight find that the battle becomes even harder at this time. Many women who have never had to worry about their weight in the past find that they gain a couple of inches around their waist and are troubled by how to get rid of them. Weight gain at menopause is common but not inevitable. There are effective ways to prevent the pounds piling on.

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10 Easy Ways To Boost Your Mood


Want to feel better fast? Try our easy tips Unfortunately we live in an epidemic of mood disorders. Stress, anxiety and depression are more prevalent than ever. Far too many people wake up feeling emotionally drained and not knowing how they’ll find the strength to get through the day. Feeling low and dreading the day ahead is a terrible way to live. Others live with constant anxiety; they wake with a sick feeling in their stomach and feel overwhelmed and teary at the slightest hurdles occurring throughout the day. Some people require medication to see them through a difficult time and it can be immensely helpful. For others, a few diet and lifestyle changes can make a big difference to their coping mechanisms and enjoyment of life. Here are 10 tips to include in your life, for improved mood and better health

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