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The Architecture of The Liver

The liver is the largest organ in the body. Liver tissue is composed of a compact mass of multisided units, known as the hepatic lobules. Each lobule consists of a central vein, which acts as a tributary of the hepatic vein and conducts processed blood away from the lobule, surrounded by plates of liver cells. The liver receives blood from two sources, 80 percent, which carries digested food materials, arrives from the intestine via the portal vein and venules; the remaining twenty percent is oxygenated blood from the heart, which enters through the hepatic artery and arterioles. An exchange of materials takes place between the liver cells and the blood, which then passes into the central veins and returns to the general body circulation via the hepatic vein. Sinusoids, spaces between plates of liver cells composed of tributaries of the hepatic artery and portal vein, conduct the blood flow to the central vein. The bile canaliculus carries bile juice from the liver to branches of the bile duct which convey bile from the lobules to the gall bladder. When an adult is at rest, about two and a half pints of blood flow through the liver each minute.

Fatty Liver Can Be Reversed


Paul Makin from Channel 7’s Today Tonight Show interviews Dr Sandra Cabot and the two Marks about the effects of a fatty liver on our health and how the condition can be reversed by altering your diet. The results are no fatty liver and real weight loss without starving yourself.

Dr Sandra Cabot – Gluten


Dr Sandra Cabot on how gluten, as found in contemporary meals, can effect your health. Many people are sensitive to gluten and they don’t even realize that this is the root cause of many of their health problems.

Depression & Anxiety on Sunrise


Dr Sandra Cabot is interviewed on Australia’s Sunrise TV show about the various kinds of foods and health supplements that you can add in to your daily life that can really help you get on top of Depression and Anxiety.

Depression & Anxiety Today Tonight


In this interview on Australia’s Today Tonight program, Dr Sandra Cabot discusses how to treat anxiety and depression. These conditions can really affect a person’s life and, so, it is very important to understand and treat depression and anxiety adequately.

Breast Cancer Prevention

Margaret Jasinska has written many books on common health issues. Margaret discusses how to take care of your breasts and reduce the risk of breast cancer. Lifestyle & nutrition play a vital role in the health of breast tissue.

Your Thyroid Problems Solved


Our very talented naturopath, Margaret Jasinska, discusses thyroid health conditions and the contributing factors. Margaret also talks about what we can do to help improve the health of our thyroid gland and to reduce the risk of thyroid disease.

Kelly’s Liver Health Success Story

Dr Sandra Cabot talks to Kelly at the health expo in Dubai December 2007 about her experience and success with the Liver Cleansing Diet and supplements.

Dr Sandra Cabot – Liver Health

Dr Cabot talks about why the liver is so important in health and longevity. The liver is important for fat metabolism, cholesterol levels and weight control. It cleanses the blood, destroys toxic chemicals and removes unhealthy cells from the blood and protects the immune system.

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Part 2

Danielle’s Weight Loss Success Story

Danielle tells about her incredible weight loss success story. Danielle lost 54 kgs/120lbs following the Dr Sandra Cabot weight loss plan.