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My doctor was amazed at my weight loss

I want to share with you my great diagnosis!

In June 2013 I was diagnosed with a mild fatty liver (that’s not the great part). My doctor acted as if it was no big deal but I kept pushing her to give me info and that this was a serious issue.  My husband passed away 25 months ago due to liver related problems and it scared me terribly.

I began to search the internet about fatty liver and Sandra Cabot’s site popped up.
When I knew it was natural I couldn’t believe my eyes let alone reversible! I was relieved.

I researched her for two weeks and everything was legitimate so I proceeded to get the
and her book the and later the book.

The recipes were fantastic!  I was so pleasantly surprised at the ingredients that went
together that didn’t sound like it would be good but was delightfully enjoyable. I
learned so much about cooking again and I so appreciate all of everyone’s time and
effort and dedication towards this work for the liver.  What an education I received!

I’ve told everyone I know about it for weeks and weeks and weeks because hardly
a day goes by someone doesn’t comment on my weight loss. I started at 198 lbs with
cholesterol readings off the chart – I was in big trouble.

But after first 1 ½ weeks I lost approx. 10 lbs. After 8 weeks I lost 34 pounds and continued to lose 6 more for a total of 40 pounds. I now weigh 158 pounds and have maintained it for 3 months now and plan on continuing from now on. My cholesterol was normal for first time in about 5 yrs.

My doctor didn’t recognize me for first 10 mins in his chair till he looked at my chart and
was amazed and right there asked me to show him the site. He asked me if I wanted to
do a seminar!

I also told a handful of nurses who said they were going to check out the site
so they could lose weight. I told them for me it was life or death and I stuck to the diet
to a tee.  I’m very happy with my weight – it’s first time since I was 18 that I’ve been this small.

I am almost 58. If I lost any weight it wasn’t much and I’d gain it back. I’m so happy to have
learned to eat well so I can keep weight off and be healthy!

Thank you so much again for all your efforts and dedication and everyone at Liver Doctor. I talked to Dr Cabot’s naturopath, Christine Ki, daily for weeks she always helped me so much and for that I am also grateful.  I appreciate you all very much and keep on keeping on – you most likely saved my life. I thank God for letting me find you.

Sylvia Wise, USA

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