Research has shown that healthy gut bugs send signals to your brain, telling it you are full.

A study published in the journal Cell Metabolism has shown that 20 minutes after a meal, bacteria in the intestines manufacture proteins that send satiety signals to the brain. If these proteins are injected into mice and rats, the animals end up eating less.

This is a brilliant natural appetite control mechanism that helps to keep animals or people within a healthy weight range. However, it only works if you have the right balance of bacteria living in your intestines. If you have unhealthy gut bugs or fungal overgrowth, they send signals to your brain making you crave unhealthy food such as sugar. If you have a parasitic gut infection you may experience heightened levels of hunger, and worse still, rarely feel satisfied after a meal. Many of our patients with gut infections tell us they could literally eat all day and still never feel full.

If you are trying to lose weight but struggle with excessive hunger, you may want to try taking a supplement to help control intestinal parasites. It is important to make sure your digestive system is producing sufficient Digestive Enzymes, because they help to break down your food thoroughly; leaving behind fewer scraps for bad gut bugs to feed off.