When I finally gave up smoking after almost 30 years, I realised that I would probably put some weight on and I was prepared for that. What I did not expect was to find I now had a fatty liver.

A simple blood test showed that my liver was now showing signs of being infiltrated with fat. I knew if I did nothing about it, I could very well end up with some nasty health problems (cirrhosis, long term obesity, cancer, heart disease etc.)

Enter Dr Sandra Cabot and Naturopath Margaret Jasinska . . .

They happily gave me their knowledge and expertise as to what I needed to do to reverse my fatty liver. Some dietary changes were necessary and so was taking a powerful, multi ingredient liver tonic like LivaTone Plus.

I read Dr Cabot’s book ‘Fatty Liver - You can reverse it’ and this not only provided me with great strategies and recipes etc. but it also helped me to better understand what was happening to my liver. I found the advice in this book easy to follow and the dietary changes it suggested did not leave me feeling hungry.

Having followed the advice of Dr Cabot and Margaret Jasinska and, more importantly, put this into practice, I am delighted to advise that I have totally healed my fatty liver in under six months!

I have also lost weight (17lbs/7kgs), my skin is radiant and clear, my hair is shiny and I have a sparkle in my clear blue eyes . . . I feel so fortunate to have found the assistance I really needed.

I was telling a friend yesterday about my success in reversing my fatty liver (she had asked what I had been doing because I looked so well and had lost weight). She then told me that she also had been diagnosed with fatty liver in the past but had been told by two doctors that there was nothing she could do about it . . .

Both of these doctors advised her that she should not even try to reverse her fatty liver. They said that the scar tissue which would be left would mean that she would be worse off than if she just kept her liver in its current state! What a load of rubbish!

I decided to give my friend a copy of Dr Cabot’s Fatty Liver book and was glad I could offer her a real solution which was not only easy to incorporate into her every day life, but one that really could make her liver good as new.

Victoria H, NSW Australia