We got Itti Bitti (Bitti) when she was two years old and immediately after we got her it was obvious she wasn’t well taken care of.


She arrived by air carrier from a breeder in Florida who had held off selling her hoping she’d make six pounds so she could breed her. Her breath was absolutely horrible, and she just smelled bad!

It was obvious that she was so toxic that for two days she ate nothing from morning to night except watermelon. She just would eat nothing else, and just consumed it with a passion!

After three days the odors passed and a bath helped immensely.

We went off to the vet only to find out that eight of Bitti’s teeth were rotten and had to be removed. As time went on she kept losing teeth and finally developed liver spots all over her stomach and back, her hair thinned out terribly, and she simply slept for days on end, eating very little. This is all aside from the excellent care we gave her with homemade meals and nutritional supplements from Standard Process and Dr. Wysong.

Then I was diagnosed with Primary Biliary Cirrhosis and discovered “The Liver Doctor” on the internet and ordered the Livatone Plus.  When I went to my naturopathic nutritionist about the problem, he was glad to hear that I was using Livatone Plus because that was what he was going to recommend to me.

I looked at the ingredients and there didn’t seem to be anything that would hurt Bitti so I started sprinkling the powder on her food. Within two weeks her energy level increased remarkably, and the liver spots started going away. Then a couple more weeks later and her skin, which had been more like eczema skin on a person, cleared up and her hair started growing thicker.

Today, approximately two months later, it’s a part of her daily regime to get her Livatone Plus and she’s perfectly healthy.  She’s doing really great and you’d never have known she had any problems.

I can testify that Livatone Plus works wonderfully on my dog!

All the best to you,