Large Waist Raises Cancer Risk

Being overweight raises the risk of cancer. Carrying weight on your torso is more dangerous than the buttocks and thighs. This finding is based on a meta-analysis of 7 studies and is published in the British Journal of Cancer. Data on more than 43,000 individuals was analysed and showed that, while increases in Body Mass Index (BMI) increase the risk of developing 10 different types of cancer by 11 percent, an increase in waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio raised the risk by 13 percent and 15 percent respectively.

The researchers have stated "To better reflect the underlying biology at play, we think it's important to study more than just BMI when looking at cancer risk. And our research adds further understanding to how people's body shape could increase their risk”. There is a particularly strong link between having a large waist and risk of bowel and breast cancer.

Body Mass Index is not the most accurate way to measure if a person is overweight because it doesn’t take into account muscle mass. A person with large muscles might falsely be classified as overweight. Your waist to hip ratio is a far more accurate measure. It will tell you if you need to lose weight from your torso. If you want to calculate your waist to hip ratio, there is a handy calculator here.

If your waist is too large, there is a very good chance you have insulin resistance. Here are some other signs of insulin resistance. Having high insulin is bad news because it is a growth promoting hormone. Therefore, if a tumor is present in the body, it will grow faster in an insulin resistant person. Losing weight is easier said than done. I have always found that berberine makes weight loss easier, as well as improving your liver health.