I just had to write and let people know what a wonderful product Livatone Plus is, and how much it’s helping me to regain my health. I had ordered a bottle of the Livatone Plus capsules (240 count) after having read The Liver Cleansing Diet and The Toxic Liver books by Sandra Cabot.

I wanted to be able to give my liver all the help it could get, as my health has been extremely poor these past few years to the point that I knew I had to do something or I’d be dead soon.

Once my order of Livatone Plus came in, I began taking two capsules twice daily. I didn’t realize just how powerful they were at the time (even though I had seen obvious signs, such as liver spots healing up and fading away, just to mention one), and I began thinking that perhaps I really didn’t need them or that my liver wasn’t as toxic as I had first thought; that is until an incident clarified just how much they were helping me.

A short time ago I really began refining my diet and getting rid of all the junk. I began a diet (and I use that term loosely, as it’s more about just eating healthy) and my body really started to respond to the changes I made.

One night, I was out at a party (which I made sure to eat properly at) and I began coughing.  I couldn’t stop.  It was so bad I had to go outside, as I was starting to draw unwanted attention to myself from the other party guests.  When I got outside, I began coughing up a great deal of phlegm; it just kept coming out.  I knew from extensive reading and natural health practitioners that I’d been to that when the liver gets overwhelmed, it uses the lungs (among other things) to help it deal with the overflow of toxins it’s trying to rid the body of.  Knowing that, I knew I needed to get to my car and take some Livatone Plus.

One thing you need to really understand is, this was not a mild cough I was experiencing. It was severe. I could barely breathe, as every time I tried to inhale air, my body wanted to cough and get the phlegm out.  And it wasn’t just a tiny bit of phlegm; it was a lot; more than I’ve ever coughed up at one time in all my 49 years.  I don’t think I coughed up that much phlegm even when I had pneumonia!

Because I was having a hard time breathing, I was afraid I was going to pass out before I could even reach my car.  And because of the excessive coughing, I couldn’t walk straight.  If the police would have been driving by at that time, they would have assumed I was drunk!

When I finally made it to my car and got the Livatone Plus, I still had to wait to get enough phlegm out, so that I could even take one.  Even though I would have liked to have taken two capsules, I was very low and wanted to save some while I waited for my next order of Livatone Plus to come in.  I finally was able to stop coughing long enough to take a Livatone Plus capsule. Although it seemed like an eternity for it to kick in, the Livatone Plus capsule got to work right away. Within a minute or two, the cough began to dissipate.  Within 5 to 10 minutes it was gone!!!  I couldn’t believe it; and that was with only taking one pill.

So if there was any doubt in my mind before about whether or not the Livatone Plus really helped out my liver as is claimed…it’s gone!  I know for a fact how much it really helps, and I wanted you to know it too.

In closing, if anyone is having problems with their liver and needs something to help it do what it’s designed to do, use the Livatone Plus…IT REALLY WORKS!!!

Erin B. Michigan, U.S.A.