By naturopath Christine Ki

Dr Sandra Cabot formulated Livatone Plus in 1996 when she became aware of the emerging twin epidemics of fatty liver and hepatitis. These epidemics were new to Dr Cabot, and many other medical doctors, and nutritional medicine was one of the greatest hopes for these liver problems.  Dr Cabot could see that there was a need for a powerful and multi-action liver formula that contained as many active ingredients as possible, all in the one formula. This is how Livatone Plus originated and its formula remains the same today because it has proven to be so beneficial and well tolerated.

If you take a look at the ingredients in the Livatone Plus formula, you will be impressed by the wide range and doses of the nutrients it contains.  Firstly the dose of milk thistle is very high and is the amount tested in many European studies – four capsules daily, provides you with 35,000mg of Milk Thistle, which is equivalent to 420mg of  silymarin.

As well as the leading liver herb, Milk Thistle, Livatone Plus also contains:

•    ALL the B vitamins (including folic acid, inositol and biotin) in fairly high doses, so you will not need to take any extra B vitamins
•    Selenium to provide 100mcg daily – now that’s an effective dose to support immune function! I am a great fan of selenium, as viruses can replicate much more easily in selenium deficient people
•    Antioxidants – vitamin C 210mg, vitamin E 400 IU and natural carotenoids, to reduce inflammation and enhance detoxification processes. This is important as chronic inflammation can lead to scarring
•    The most important sulphur-rich amino acids – namely taurine, L-cysteine, glutamine and glycine. The liver detoxification pathways have high requirements for sulphur-rich amino acids. Those with poor digestive function often have trouble digesting and absorbing protein which contains these amino acids.
•    Livatone Plus also contains glutathione and broccoli powder for extra liver support

To enable the inclusion of so many active ingredients in their effective doses, Dr Cabot formulated Livatone Plus into a powder. Some people take this powder as it is, whilst others prefer it encapsulated in vegetarian capsules.

So if you believe in taking a liver formula, then you are smart, as you realize that your liver is the most important organ in your body. If you can see the difference between the formula of Livatone Plus and other liver formulas on the market, then you are doubly smart. If you can see the incredible value for money that you are getting with Livatone Plus then you are triply smart. With all the ingredients in Livatone Plus, it doubles up as an excellent multi vitamin formula as well.

Livatone Plus - Value for money

240 capsules – if taking 4 daily, lasts 2 months and costs $25.00 a month
120 capsules – if taking 4 daily, lasts one month and costs $30.00 a month
200 grams powder – if taking 1 tsp daily, this lasts 40 days, for a cost of $40.00

These are the initial high doses and maintenance doses are only half these amounts, so cost becomes even less! Many people find that doses of 2 capsules daily or one flat teaspoon daily is all that they need to feel well and energetic and to improve their liver function.

Liver health is an important issue for everyone

There is a large burden of disability and cost attributable to infection with the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) in the United States. The total number of persons with chronic infection due to HCV is estimated at 3.5 million. Anti-viral drugs have limited success at curing the infection and their use is for under a year. It is vital that people with HCV use nutritional medicine to reduce their risk of chronic liver disease.

In the scientific journal, Medicine Today, February 2003, Volume 4, there was an article titled “Fatty liver disease – the next epidemic?” which was worth reading. Surprisingly in the United States it has been estimated that fatty liver affects 15 to 20% of the general population and is much higher in overweight individuals. While the true prevalence of fatty liver remains to be determined, we are sure that medical doctors find it frequently as an incidental abnormality in their patients. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is often seen in patients who are overweight, who have insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes. NAFLD comprises a wide spectrum of liver damage ranging from simple fatty change to fatty change with scarring, and permanent scarring (cirrhosis). The recommended treatment for NAFLD is weight loss through a healthy diet and reducing insulin resistance.

The catch 22 is that it is difficult for patients with NAFLD to lose weight because they have impaired hepatic regulation of fat metabolism.
At least we can offer them a powerful liver tonic with 15 years of use and a clinical study to support its benefit.

The liver is the filter and cleanser of your blood stream and the major fat-burning organ in your body. Love your liver and live longer!

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