By Dr Sandra Cabot

Liver-Doctor-Livatone-Plus-Liver-Cleansing-Diet-ProductsOn the odd occasion we get asked “Why does Livatone Plus have a distinctive smell and is this smell normal?”

It is true that Livatone Plus has a distinctive smell that some may experience as strong and organic. Well it is hard to describe a smell – it’s an experience.

To reassure you about this smell, it’s important to understand that Livatone Plus does contain some smelly, but very healthy, ingredients. This is intentional and not surprising because in order for these ingredients to improve liver function, they need to smell. There is a similar analogy with garlic, as if the garlic is strong and unprocessed it will work much better, but it will smell. Fermented and/or deodorized garlic is not nearly as effective as organic smelly garlic. But of course most folks choose the latter because they don’t want to be anti-social or they are not afraid of vampires!

What gives Livatone Plus its distinctive smell?

  • The large amount of B vitamins it contains
  • The large amount of sulphur rich amino acids it contains

The liver needs large amounts of the mineral sulphur to detoxify your body. All organic sources of sulphur have a distinctive sulphur smell – just think about eggs, onion, garlic, Brussels sprouts, cabbage etc. These are all smelly foods and their high sulphur content makes them healthy for your liver!

Unlike garlic, Livatone Plus will NOT give you bad breath or smelly flatulence. Indeed to the contrary, Livatone Plus, by improving liver function, can reduce bad breath and coated tongue.