How much silymarin is really in your liver formula?

The active ingredient extracted from the herb milk thistle is silymarin; also known as silybin. Livatone Plus contains pure undiluted silymarin (milk thistle extract). If you take 4 capsules daily of Livatone Plus you will obtain 240mg of silymarin, which is the pure extract and active ingredient of the herb milk thistle. Some people find that they only need two capsules daily to support their liver function long term and this will supply 120mg of pure silymarin daily.

Of course you are getting all the other ingredients in the Livatone Plus along with this pure silymarin. Livatone Plus contains all the B vitamins, lipotrophic factors such as inositol,  It also contains antioxidants, selenium and sulfur rich amino acids for detoxification and to support metabolic pathways in the liver.

Some other forms of liver products on the market contain diluted silymarin extract. This is most commonly diluted with phosphatidylcholine which comes from lecithin. This could be represented as “240 mg of Silybin Phytosome per capsule” and contains 2/3 phosphatidylcholine and only1/3 silybin. This would provide only 80mg of silybin per capsule.