Most children are exposed to a plethora of germs and viruses on a daily basis at school. This is because they are coming into contact with other children that could be infected, or touching objects (toys, pens, sporting equipment, etc) that are harbouring germs. Luckily, we all have an inbuilt defence system (the immune system) which protects us from getting sick every time we are in contact with germs. A strong immune system is better equipped to ward off infection than a weakened one.

Give your child the best possible chance of beating the bugs in the school yard by trying these top tips:

  • Encourage regular hand washing: Most children need to be reminded regularly. Hand washing is such an easy and effective way of reducing exposure to germs. Encourage your children to wash their hands (with warm water and soap) before they eat, after using the bathroom and straight after they get home from school.
  • Ensure a healthy intake of good bugs: Approximately 70 percent of the immune system resides in the gut, so it’s really important to have a healthy balance of gut flora (bugs) particularly in younger children and those who have used antibiotics. Incorporate fermented foods into your child’s diet to strengthen the gut army! These include natural yoghurt, miso soup, kombucha, tempeh and sauerkraut. Many children don’t like the taste of those foods. In that case a probiotic like Floratone can be given.
  • Fruit and veg are important: Feeding your child an abundance of vegetables and fruits is so important for their developing immune systems. Fruit and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals that support and strengthen the immune system, as well as fiber that feeds the good bacteria in the gut. Tip: Finely grate vegetables and sneak them into their favourite meals to boost their intake. A vitamin C supplement is helpful for children who don’t eat lots of fresh fruit and veg.
  • Adequate sleep is critical: When we sleep, our immune systems recover and produce new immune cells. Make sure your child gets away from technology, and snuggles into bed nice and early for a good night’s sleep. If your child has trouble winding down and getting to sleep, magnesium could come in handy!
  • Sunshine boosts immunity: Those beautiful rays of sunshine do more than simply warm you up. Our skin has the ability to absorb vitamin D from the sun, which is vital for fuelling the immune army. Make sure your child spends time out doors every day to get a good dose of vitamin D and fresh air. This is not always possible, depending on the climate where you live. A vitamin D supplement may be necessary.
  • Minimize sugar: Did you know that sugar directly suppresses the immune system and feeds bad bacteria and yeast in the body? Cut out the sugary granola bars, candy, soda, ice cream, cookies and chocolate as much as you can! Replace these with tasty, healthy treats. BactoClear capsules contain antimicrobial herbs that help kill bad bacteria in the gut, and help to naturally treat sinus infections.
  • Support their immune system: If you or your child come down with an infection, the herbs and nutrients in Cold Eze capsules help the immune system to fight the invaders.

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