Cold and dark days can cause your motivation to dwindle. You are more likely to fall off the wagon with your diet and exercise goals, while comfort foods may become part of your daily menu. Many of us accept that winter weight gain is inevitable, and as a result don’t put much effort in. We blame the cold, dark and wet weather for our lack of motivation or dedication to our health. The truth is, winter is the perfect time to kick start your health goals in the right direction! Why wait until spring to get fit, eat healthier or slim down?

Here are some key benefits of doing a winter cleanse:

Prevent winter weight gain

I know it can be difficult to deny that extra serving of fries, or to choose a workout over watching a movie in bed on a rainy day. Weight gain is more insidious during winter; it creeps on and we don’t really notice because we are wearing baggier clothes and our friends are probably gaining weight too. Toxins in the body can act as ‘obesogens’, storing fat and preventing weight loss. Doing a cleanse will give your metabolism a good boost, get your liver burning fat, remove those nasty toxins and motivate you to reach for healthier food choices. You’ll be looking great by the time spring rolls around!

Boost your energy

It’s not uncommon to lack energy or to feel sluggish during winter. The cold, dreary weather can be very unmotivating and we can lack the energy or vitality to achieve our daily goals, let alone our health goals. Our metabolic rate slows down, particularly in people with thyroid or hormone problems. Doing a cleanse program will cleanse your body of stored up toxins, will flood your body with wonderful antioxidants and will leave you feeling healthy and raring with energy.

Strengthen your immune system

Respiratory infections can replicate and spread like wild fire during winter. The lack of vitamin D from the sun, spending more time indoors and indulging in sugary treats leaves us more susceptible to infection. It’s very important to support our immune systems during winter, giving it the tools to fight off infection. Did you know that approximately 80% of your immune system resides in your gut and that the lymphatic system is important for protecting against infection? A cleanse program will heal your gut, support your lymphatic system and boost your overall immune system to protect you.

Enhance your mood

Winter time is often associated with low mood and loss of motivation, due to the short days, the lack of warming sunshine and the cold, uninviting weather. Toxin overload in the bowel or liver can directly affect your hormones and your mood balancing brain chemicals, such as the happy hormone serotonin. Add this to the nutrient depleted, sugar and additive laden comfort foods eaten during winter and you have yourself an anxiety-inducing, low-mood provoking combination. Doing a cleanse will not only remove toxins from your liver and bowel but will also clean up your diet for a healthier, happier you.

The Dr Cabot 15 Day Cleanse is a comprehensive program that targets the three key pillars of health – the liver, the gut and the immune system. By targeting these key areas, the Dr Cabot Cleanse will help you to achieve optimal health and vitality during winter. The program includes 3 key therapeutic powders to take daily, alongside a healthy and delicious menu plan that’s easy to follow.

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