Diabetes Type 2 - You Can Reverse It Naturally

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Diabetes Type 2: You Can Reverse It Naturally Book
Diabetes Type 2: You Can Reverse It Naturally Book

Diabetes Type 2 - You Can Reverse It Naturally

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  • This book by best-selling authors Dr Sandra Cabot and naturopath Margaret Jasinska offers proven strategies for reversing Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Contains a two week meal plan and more than 40 recipes suitable for type 2 diabetics to lose weight and lower blood sugar levels. 


A book to change your life!

"The good news is with the right diet, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes, type 2 diabetes can actually be reversed in the majority of cases."

In this book you will learn:

  • The importance of protein to blood sugar control and weight loss.
  • The nutrients that diabetics are typically deficient in, that can lead to poor blood sugar control.
  • How to reduce your risk of diabetic complications such as blindness, heart attacks, nerve damage and erectile dysfunction.
  • The essential tests that all diabetics must have regularly to maintain good health.
  • That a low glycaemic index diet is not enough to lose weight and reverse type 2 diabetes
  • Specific foods, herbs and nutrients that can help to reverse type 2 diabetes.

You will also learn how the conventional dietary advice given to diabetics can actually make the disease worse.

  • Diabetics should not follow low fat diets.
  • All carbohydrates are digested into sugar, and raise blood sugar levels.
  • Why manage diabetes with diet and medication when you can actually reverse it?


Barry is 57 years old and works as a surveyor.  He is now a healthy and fit man who enjoys his life but for most of his life he was very overweight and developed type 2 diabetes as a consequence.  At the age of 30 he was diagnosed with very high blood pressure and started on anti-hypertensive drugs. He tried different types of meal replacement shakes in order to lose weight but he was always hungry and craved sweets.

At the age of 50 Barry weighed 276 pounds and for his height of 5' 6" this was way too much and put him into the obese range. He tried to fight his weight problem by exercising more but he could only get down to 198 pounds.  He couldn’t maintain that weight for long because of his enormous appetite and the pounds slowly crept back on.  Barry’s diet was low in fat and consisted predominantly of carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and rice.

At the age of 54 Barry weighed 298 pounds and that is when he decided to see a specialist. Blood tests revealed elevated levels of blood sugar (glucose was 13) and elevated levels of insulin (fasting insulin was 330). The specialist told Barry he had Syndrome X which caused type 2 diabetes.

Barry was a fighter and was determined to overcome and reverse his diabetes. He was put on a low glycaemic diet and thought that this time he was going to beat his weight problem. Unfortunately after 3 months on the low glycaemic diet, he was no better off.

Barry started to test different foods by measuring their effect on his blood sugar. He found that carbohydrates such as sugar, grains, cereals, flour and many fruits spiked his blood sugar levels. It did not matter if the grains were processed, refined, wholegrain or whatever; they still caused his blood sugar levels to spike. Conversely protein foods like meat, eggs, cheese, seafood, poultry, nuts, as well as green vegetables had no effect on his blood sugar levels and they remained low.

Barry was motivated, he strictly stuck to a low carbohydrate eating plan because it produced results: Barry’s blood sugar started coming down and he was losing weight.  Barry continues to control his blood sugar level and today his average reading for blood glucose is only 4 mmol/L.  Barry is no longer a type 2 diabetic and today feels happy and fit at a normal weight of 194 pounds.  His diet consists of mainly protein in the form of meat, cheese, plain yoghurt, seafood, nuts, eggs, poultry and also green vegetables. He has one piece of fruit daily.  He is never hungry, therefore finds this diet easy to maintain.  Occasionally when Barry visits friends or attends a special family event he allows himself a sweet treat or two, but this is not a regular thing.

It has taken a lot of hard work and discipline for Barry to be successful but he thinks it is well worth it. 

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