Progesterone is an amazing natural hormone with so many benefits for women. The majority of women are low in this hormone, which can have devastating health consequences. A study published in the journal Science Advances showed that breast cancer treatments aimed at the progesterone receptor can prolong life in women with estrogen dependent breast cancer beyond current standard treatments (tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors).

The study was led by Professor Geoffrey Greene at the University of Chicago along with Professor Tilley from the University of Adelaide. The researchers tested potential new treatments directly on breast cancer tissue that was donated by patients. They discovered that progesterone receptors reprogram the actions of estrogen receptors in tumors and end up having a “braking effect” on tumor growth.

The researchers have made some very important statements: “We have known for some time that the progesterone receptor plays an important role in breast cancer, but gaps in our knowledge of the function of this receptor in breast tumors have limited the potential to develop new treatments. This independent study provides important pre-clinical validation for initiation of clinical trials testing progesterone in combination with current standard-of-care therapy.

Use of progesterone for treatment of breast cancer has raised considerable controversy because of past studies showing some negative effects of synthetic versions of progesterone used in hormonal therapy for postmenopausal women. In our studies, we are using natural progesterone, or forms of this hormone that are biologically identical to the natural hormone, and testing it on breast cancer tissue taken from women with cancer.”

Natural progesterone is nothing like the synthetic progesterone used in some forms of HRT and birth control. It protects the breasts and uterus and helps to manage symptoms of menstrual problems such as PMT, heavy bleeding or painful menstruation. It is wonderful to see research being carried out on the natural form of this hormone. I prefer the use of natural progesterone in cream form and it is wonderful for balancing female hormones. If you are currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer please consult your doctor before using progesterone.

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