Synthetic fragrances used in laundry products release cancer causing substances. This finding comes from research published in the journal Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health. Researchers used two washers and dryers, which were scrubbed clean before the study commenced. The scientists ran a regular laundry cycle for three different scenarios: once without any detergent, once with a scented liquid laundry detergent, and then with both a scented laundry detergent and scented dryer sheets.

Their studies found more than 25 air pollutants, which included the known cancer-causing substances acetaldehyde and benzene. According to the American Cancer Society, benzene increases the risk of leukemia and related blood cancers,. Acetaldehyde causes nose and throat cancer in animal studies. The researchers made the following important statement: "We focus a lot of attention on how to reduce emissions of pollutants from automobiles, and here's one source of pollutants that could be reduced."

The fragrances in most laundry products are very potent and outgas from clothing for several days. This kind of air pollution has the potential to seriously affect your health. It’s not just long term risk of cancer; these chemicals can aggravate sinus conditions, hay fever, headaches and skin allergies. They are a nightmare for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome or multiple chemical sensitivity.

A lot of my patients tell me they feel sick when they can smell strong fragrances. They aren’t healthy for any of us, but are particularly harmful for individuals with impaired liver detoxification. If you inhale a fragrance, it gets inside your body. Your liver is supposed to detoxify your bloodstream of all pollutants you are exposed to. People with impaired phase 2 liver detoxification are much more likely to experience adverse health effects from synthetic fragrances. When choosing laundry products, it’s best to stick with un-fragranced hypoallergenic varieties.

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