Joan Meijer - Writer

My exposure to Livatone Plus started at a Health Fair in Los Angeles at which my sister Suzy Prudden was exhibiting.  As is her habit, she went around the Fair to meet people and find things that interested her.  She returned with two bottles of Livatone Plus and said, “This looks interesting, let’s try it.”  I put it on a shelf in the kitchen and promptly forgot about it.

Within the next six weeks, I found myself getting increasingly tired.  I didn’t have the energy to make my bed in the morning; I didn’t have the energy to wash my dishes; I dragged myself to work and went home crawling.  I was burping quite a bit and feeling uncomfortable.  One day at the office I was reading a book about Menopause and weight loss – as research for a book Suzy and I wanted to write.  I read about how senior digestion is impaired and that the failure of food to access the chemicals put out by the liver make Menopausal women tired and gives them gas.  That afternoon I was too tired to read any further.  I took myself to the movies and was aware that I felt faint throughout the movie and when it came time to walk back to my car I didn’t think I could make it to the parking lot.  The feeling of weakness and exhaustion was frightening.

The proximity of reading the book on menopausal digestion and feeling that weak prompted me to try Livatone Plus.  I took two pills, went to bed and went to sleep.  In the morning I woke up and instead of waking feeling exhausted and wondering how I was going to get through the day, I simply woke up. I got up, got dressed and started to hum as I made my bed and straightened my room.  I was still humming when I got to the dishes, “Wait a minute!  This is different!”  I called Suzy and told her what had happened.

I continued with the Livatone until I ran out.  I felt so normal that I didn’t renew the vitamins.  That was probably some time in November.  In early January Suzy took me to dinner and the theater to see the Lion King.  During intermission I felt really sick.  I went to the Ladies Room….returned to my seat.  Told Suzy I was not feeling well and started back toward the Ladies room.  I collapsed on the way.  Suddenly I was exploding with projectile vomit and diarrhea.  It was an amazing experience.  I though perhaps I was dying because that kind of release is what dying people do. I stayed conscious, I protected my airway so I didn’t inhale any of what was coming out and eventually I felt well enough to get up and go to the bathroom and clean myself up.  The Paramedics came, my blood pressure was normal, my pulse slightly elevated but otherwise I was fine.  I was covered in fecal matter and vomit but I felt okay – for the moment.

Suzy and I drove home and just got there when I had a second episode – this time in the bathroom.  Then I drove home took a bath, soaked my clothes and slept.

I ordered some Livatone Plus but I didn’t start taking it again – I hadn’t made the connection between my liver and the violent illness.  I was – at that time – really bad about taking pills.  About two weeks after the episode at the theatre I woke in the middle of the night with the feeling that someone was drilling a dull knife into my right shoulder.  I was paralyzed with the agony.  I knew is liver related because the pain was in my right shoulder and not radiating and a heart attack would have been in my left shoulder and would probably have radiated into my left arm, neck or jaw.  Turning over was an act of such desperation I was amazed at the pain.  It’s what they talk about when they talk about organ failure. I can’t describe how terrible it was – on a scale of 1-10 it was 50. Eventually I made myself get up, get to the Livatone Plus and take three of them.  Within minutes the pain was gone but I knew I had to find out what was going on.

Because I’m fat, flatulent and over forty (the rough determinant for gall stones) I suspected that was my problem.  I called my doctor had a devil of a time getting an appointment – but I was taking Livatone Plus and the liver was under control.  Eventually – I guess within the month – I got an appointment and they diagnosed Fatty Liver.  I suspect I also had gall stones although they didn’t show up in my tests the color of my stool was occasionally like white clay.  The Doctor offered me nothing by way of remediation – it turns out that conventional medicine doesn’t know very much outside of removing the gall bladder about curing liver disease.  But Livatone Plus cleared up the problem, cleared up the pain in my upper right abdominal area, cleared up the feeling that I couldn’t stay awake, it literally has saved my life and kept me going.

I showed my pill bottle to my doctors – who said, “Well, there’s nothing in here that will hurt you.”  I showed it to my acupuncturist who said, “I have never seen such a magnificent combination of herbs in my life.”

As I told Dr. Cabot – “Livatone Plus is like my American Express Card – I don’t leave home without it.”  Nor do I end my day without it.  I cannot thank Dr. Cabot enough for saving my life and giving me back a life worth living.

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