There are many good reasons to minimize your intake of candy if you value your health. Potential lead poisoning is one you may not have thought of!

Since 2006, almost half of all food contamination scares in California have been due to toxic lead levels in candy. The majority of the candy was manufactured in Mexico, China and India. This finding is particularly concerning for children, because they are likely to ingest more candy, and they have less developed detoxification capacities than adults.

It is estimated that in the USA, approximately one million children have above normal lead levels in their bodies. This is a huge problem because lead can have devastating health effects, such as reduced intelligence, impaired neurobehavioral development, hearing impairment, stunted physical growth and kidney problems. The symptoms of lead toxicity often go unnoticed and undiagnosed.

When we think of lead, traditionally we’ve thought of exposure to paint, leaded gasoline, soil, dust, lead-lined cans and water pipes, as well as lead-glazed pottery. Candy can become contaminated with lead during the manufacturing process, and from lead present in the wrappers. Candy manufactured in the USA must meet specific FDA standards, but there is a large number of small businesses importing candy into the USA, and this makes surveillance extremely difficult.

Regardless of where it is made, no type of candy will do your health any favors. Sugar, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives are another big problem. Many of the artificial colors used in candy in the USA have been banned in Europe many years ago because they are known to increase the risk of cancer. Glutathione is the name of your body’s most powerful antioxidant and detoxifier. It works in your liver to remove harmful toxins from your body. Illness, a polluted environment and stress can all deplete your glutathione stores. The protein called N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is the building block to enable your body to make glutathione.

We all know candy is unhealthy, but sometimes the lure of sugar is too strong. If you suffer with unstable blood sugar; if you have insulin resistance or fatty liver, you are more likely to suffer with overwhelming sugar cravings, and notice a slump in energy if you don’t eat sugar. The bitter melon, gymnema and chromium in Glicemic Balance capsules all help to stabilize your blood sugar level, making it much easier to stay off sugar. If you have recently been eating more sugar than usual, Glicemic Balance capsules can help you to get back on track with healthy eating much sooner.


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