You’re More Likely To Have An Argument With Someone If Your Blood Sugar Is Low

Do you ever return home after a long and busy day at work and somehow immediately get into an argument with your partner?

Perhaps it’s because you haven’t eaten for many hours and your blood sugar is too low. Of course there are several possible explanations for getting into an argument, but people with low blood sugar are more likely to feel irritable and cranky.

Researchers actually measured the blood sugar levels of married couples and found that individuals with low blood glucose were more likely to lash out at each other!

The solution is not to nibble on sugar all day. The solution is to eat protein and healthy fats at each meal, which act to stabilize your blood sugar and prevent crashes. The herbs and nutrients in Glicemic Balance capsules also help to keep blood sugar and insulin levels stable. This helps mood, and also reduces sugar cravings and assists weight loss. As well as having arguments, low blood sugar can trigger a sugar binge and derail all your efforts at healthy eating. You don’t want that. Make sure your diet contains ample protein such as seafood, poultry, pastured meat, eggs or whey protein.