Body Type Questionnaire

There are 4 different body types show different hormonal and metabolic characteristics which play an important role in where weight is gained. Take our body type questionnaire to find out your body type follow by our recommendations.

Please note: The questions in this quiz pertain to females only. The majority of males will have Android body type attributes.

DietaryYesNoDon't KnowN/A
1. Do you miss meals?
2. Do you crave Stimulants (caffeine, nicotine, etc.)?
3. Do you crave savoury fatty foods?
4. Do you crave salty foods?
5. Do you crave dairy products?
6. Do you crave sugary foods?
7. Do you crave foods with fat and sugar combined?
8. Are you a party animal (overindulge in rich food and wine especially at social gatherings)?
LifestyleYesNoDon't KnowN/A
9. Are you athletic?
10. Do you like exercise?
Medical HistoryYesNoDon't KnowN/A
11. Do you have high levels of oestrogen (before menopause)?
12. Do you have low levels of oestrogen (before menopause)?
13. Do you have low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia)?
14. Do you have high blood sugar levels (hyperglycaemia)?
15. Do you have a fatty liver?
16. Did you have a late menopause (after 54)?
17. Did you have an early menopause (under 40)?
18. Do you have high prolactin levels?
19. Do you have osteoporosis (very low bone density)?
20. Do you have medium bone density?
21. Do you have polycystic ovaries?
22. Do you have high levels of uric acid?
23. Do you have high bone density?
24. Do you produce excessive male hormones?
25. Do you have a family history of diabetes?
26. Do you have a family history of heart disease?
27. Do you have very high cholesterol?
28. Do you have slightly high cholesterol?
29. Do you have normal cholesterol?
30. Do you have low cholesterol?
31. Has your Doctor diagnosed you with High Blood Pressure
PersonalityYesNoDon't KnowN/A
32. Are you highly strung and thrive on adrenalin?
33. Are you placid?
34. Are you creative?
35. Are you extroverted?
36. Are you hot tempered?
Physical AttibutesYesNoDon't KnowN/A
37. Do you have broad shoulders?
38. Are you muscular?
39. Do you have shapely, muscular legs?
40. Do you have big, strong bones?
41. Do you have medium bones (medium sized bones)
42. Do you have fine bones (small bone structure)
43. Do you have long limbs?
44. Do you have medium-length limbs?
45. Do you have short limbs?
46. Do you have small wrists and ankles?
47. Are you slim and willowy?
48. Are you the curvy womanly type?
49. Do you have a long narrow neck and fingers?
50. Do you have a narrow pelvis (narrow hips)?
51. Do you have fat puffy arms and legs?
52. Do you have wide hips?
53. Do you have a small waist?
54. Are you straight up and down with not much of a waist?
55. Do you put on weight easily?
56. Do you have difficulty putting on weight?
57. Do you lose weight easily?
58. Do you have fluid retention?
59. Do you get cellulite easily?
60. Do you build muscle easily?
61. Do you lose muscle very quickly if you do not exercise?
Where do you put on weight most easily:
   -  62. Predominantly on the upper thighs and buttocks
   -  63. Predominantly in the abdomen and upper body
   -  64. All over your body
65. Do you have facial hair?
66. Do your energy levels fluctuate greatly?
67. Are you good at sports demanding a quick burst of energy?
68. Are you good at endurance sports?
69. Are you strong and can work like a man?
70. Do you feel the cold easily?
71. Do you tend to overheat?