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Victoria Taylor

BHSc. (Naturopathy)

Victoria Taylor is an experienced clinical naturopath who worked as a Technical Officer in Microbiology with NSW Dept of Primary Industries for 25 years and now with Dr Cabot for over a decade. She enjoys seeing patients with hormonal imbalances, cognitive decline and weight problems. She has special expertise and research interest in intestinal and liver parasites, including liver fluke.

Victoria believes there is a growing need to take control of the food we eat, as agricultural soils become more and more degraded and contaminated. Imported food from doubtful countries crowds the supermarket shelves and their packaging itself can hold a lot of toxins.

Victoria is an avid gardener and inspires her friends and patients to grow some of their own vegetables and herbs. She believes that gardening is possible no matter what your living situation; those with only a balcony or a window sill can still enjoy the pleasure of offering something home-grown to their meals. All plants have value, but those we grow have a special place in nurturing us.

Victoria Taylor uses detoxing foods and herbs to help her many grateful patients and contributes her insights to the liver doctor website. You may email Victoria Taylor with your health questions as part of our free Health Advisory Service.

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