Bird Flu - Your Personal Survival Guide

Bird Flu - Your Personal Survival Guide
Bird Flu - Your Personal Survival Guide

Bird Flu - Your Personal Survival Guide

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Bird Flu Virus -Your Personal Survival Guide

The brilliant minds and research of Dr Sandra Cabot and herbalist Nancy Beckham bring you the latest bird flu survival guide. This holistic guide shows you how to survive the potential disaster for humanity which is on our doorstep.


The Four Key Components of Dr Cabot’s Well Thought Out Survival Plan Are:

  1. Keep your immune system strong.
  2. Stockpile the things you need to survive.
  3. Use basic infection control procedures.
  4. Stay aware of the current situation.


Know your Enemy

According to virologist Dr Kennedy Shortridge “We are in the midst of tremendous change in avian flu virus behavior. Anything could happen. We are currently living on a knife-edge flu”. Dr Shortridge believes our key weapon is our skill of observation - he says, “It’s like detective work, look very strongly and very critically at what you can see. My mantra is surveillance, surveillance, surveillance”. His message is, “know your enemy”.

Sandra Cabot's book gives you a plan for...

  1. Reducing the chances of the virus infecting you.
  2. Reducing the flu’s seriousness if you do fall ill.
  3. Knowing how to take care of yourself and keep your immune system strong.
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