Cholesterol - The Real Truth

Cholesterol - The Real Truth
Cholesterol - The Real Truth

Cholesterol - The Real Truth

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Cholesterol The Real Truth

  • This book will give you the REAL TRUTH about preventing the blocked and hardened arteries that cause heart disease and strokes.
  • This well researched book by Dr. Sandra Cabot and Margaret Janiska ND shows you that CHOLESTEROL is NOT THE REAL VILLAIN OF HEART DISEASE.
  • Find out what the real causes of heart disease are, and you’ll be amazed!


In This Book You Will Discover...


  • Powerful foods and supplements to lower your bad cholesterol.
  • Cholesterol lowering raw juice recipes and a heart saving soup recipe.
  • Cholesterol lowering food shopping list
  • A natural program to optimize your cholesterol levels and reduce heart attacks and strokes

You will also learn how lowering your cholesterol too much could have negative consequences such as:

  • Ruin your sex life
  • Ruin your memory
  • Cause depression
  • Cause fatigue
  • Cause muscle and nerve pain
  • Make you more susceptible to cancerp



High cholesterol is the main risk factor for heart disease? High cholesterol is only a risk factor for heart disease in a minority of the population; namely middle aged men with a family history of heart disease.
Cholesterol lowering drugs are only prescribed in high risk individuals. Cholesterol lowering drugs are prescribed liberally and in many cases prematurely.
People understand which foods affect their cholesterol levels. Most people don't have a clue what foods raise their cholesterol.
Eating too much fat will raise your cholesterol levels. Carbohydrates and trans fatty acids raise cholesterol levels more than anything else.
The lower your cholesterol, the healthier you will be. If your cholesterol is TOO low you could suffer from serious health problems and reduced quality of life.
Cholesterol lowering drugs have minimal side effects. Cholesterol lowering drugs commonly cause serious side effects which are not recognised.
The lower your cholesterol the longer you will live. Elderly people with high cholesterol live longer than those with low cholesterol.
Cholesterol is bad for you. Cholesterol is essential for good health.
It is needed for the production of sex hormones and vitamin D, and healthy brain function.


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