Infertility - The Hidden Causes

Infertility: The Hidden Causes
Infertility: The Hidden Causes

Infertility - The Hidden Causes

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Infertility - The Hidden Causes

  • One in six couples experience infertility.  They are often left confused, hopeless and with no definitive answers as to what can be done to improve their chance of conceiving.
  • In this well researched book, Dr Sandra Cabot and naturopath Margaret Jasinska explore the many hidden causes of infertility which are often easily overcome. 
  • Infertility is not a disease; rather it is a symptom of an underlying health problem.  Once these health problems are identified and remedied, fertility will be restored in most cases.


A healthy body is a fertile body.

Our bodies are cleverly designed to reproduce, and when that doesn’t happen, there is always an explanation. No organ system in our body operates in isolation. The health of our reproductive system is enormously influenced by our immune system, digestive system, liver, thyroid gland and emotional state, just to name a few.

Male infertility is rising just as quickly as female infertility. Prospective fathers may have a low sperm count and high levels of abnormal sperm. Many men have not been offered a lot of solutions to correct this; they may even have been told it’s genetic and nothing can be done, so IVF is the only option. Sperm counts in the average healthy man have more than halved in the last 50 years; so much so that one in 25 men is now considered infertile. Sperm are more susceptible to harm caused by environmental chemicals and nutrient deficiencies than eggs, and we explain the most effective ways to boost male fertility.

The use of IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies has skyrocketed in recent decades - many children are conceived through the use of these technologies. These days they are used for any and every case of infertility, often without investigating the underlying cause of the problem.

This book addresses the following issues:

  •     Endometriosis
  •     Balance your hormones naturally
  •     Overcome polycystic ovarian syndrome
  •     Overcome immune system disorders that compromise fertility
  •     Reduce exposure to environmental chemicals
  •     Overcome hidden infections
  •     Address vitamin or mineral deficiencies that compromise fertility
  •     Understand tests you must have when trying to conceive
  •     Identify and overcome factors that lead to male infertility
  •     Increase sperm count and improve quality of sperm
  •     Improve your chance of success with IVF
  •     Maintain a healthy pregnancy
  •     Reduce the risk of miscarriage and premature delivery
  •     Give your baby the best possible start in life

The information contained within this book will help solve the infertility puzzle for many.

The healthier the prospective parents are, the better quality their egg and sperm will be. The genetic material inside the egg and sperm form the basis of each child’s lifelong health.By optimizing the health of the parents, we hope to create a healthier future generation.

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