Thyroid Health Starter Pack

100% of 100
Thyroid Health Start Pack
Thyroid Health Start Pack

Thyroid Health Starter Pack

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This pack includes -

Thyroid Health 100 Capsules

Thyroid Health Capsules have been specially designed by Dr Sandra Cabot to support healthy thyroid tissue and efficient thyroid function. Thyroid Health capsules will not interact with thyroid hormone replacement such as Synthroid or Cytomel. Indeed, Thyroid Health capsules will often improve the action of thyroid hormone replacement.
Take 1 to 2 capsules daily.

Thyroid Cream 35mg

One pump of our Thyroid Hormone Cream = 35mg which provides 18.5 mcg of Thyroxine (T4) plus 5.0 mcg of Thyronine (T3). The thyroid hormone in our cream is derived from pigs (porcine thyroid gland), which is the same as for Armour thyroid brand. Pigs thyroid hormone is the same as human thyroid hormone.
Massage ¼ tsp of cream (one full pump) once or twice daily into your body until it is absorbed.

Book - Your Thyroid Problems Solved

You could be suffering with a thyroid gland problem Thyroid disease is far more common than originally thought and thousands of people may be undiagnosed. This well researched and scientific book gives you holistic guidance to the management of thyroid conditions.

Don't wait too long, start to take care your thyroid health now!

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