Dear Dr Cabot

Thank you so much for giving me the advice I needed to help with my liver. I told you in my phone consultation with you on 19th April 2018 that my liver fibro-scan score was 28.4 (very high). I was always hot in the face and sweating even when other people were cold – I am not so hot and sweaty anymore.

After talking with you, I immediately commenced on your 15-day Dr Cabot Cleanse and you wanted me to email you after I finished it.

I had an ultrasound scan done on my liver and abdomen yesterday; I saw my GP today with the results. I cried with joy and relief when my GP told me today that my liver has improved!

My weight since the 19th April has dropped 10.1kg following a week of me doing my own clean eating and removing sugar completely out of my diet... I then did your Dr Cabot Cleanse and the results of my ultrasound showed my score had dropped to 9.0 and F2. This reading still puts me in the fatty liver category but not at an F4 level where I was back on the 19th when my specialist was convinced I had cirrhosis of the liver. But you explained that it was due to acute severe inflammation of the liver and not cirrhosis as it could still be reversed. You told me I needed to treat it with a good cleansing plan.

I loved being on the Dr Cabot Cleanse powders for liver, body and gut and I think they have really helped me.

My blood glucose (sugar) levels have been amazing – only 5.3 mmols most mornings when I wake.

Thank you again I feel so much healthier already following your advice and staying away from sugar, soft drinks, gluten and all processed foods and no takeaway. I am so proud of myself and I can’t believe how much weight I have lost.

Progress Update

As you know I commenced your 15-day liver cleanse back on 19th April and I am currently on my third round. I have 100% stuck to your recommendations on the liver detox etc and I am now (drum roll lol) down 18.7kg! In just over 2 months!

All thanks go to your Cleanse Dr Sandra ... you have changed my life for the better.

Progress Update

Thank you Dr Carbot for everything ... I am still losing weight and continuing 100% with my clean eating and definitely no processed foods and sugar. I only drink water (with lemon n lime sometimes too) and green tea. Not one sip of soft drink since the 19th April. I'm down 20.8kg. WHOOPEEEEE!

I want everyone I know that struggles with their health/weight to know about your products ... it’s actually hard for me now seeing people eating so poorly I just want to shake them and tell them about you.... well I don't shake them, but I do tell them about you 😂. You are saving so many lives and giving them back their sparkle. One of my dear friends says I sparkle now. That's so cool. 😊

 Crystal G -Queensland