We hope our readers in the northern hemisphere are enjoying their summer. It’s a wonderful time to soak up some natural vitamin D from the sun, socialize more, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Most of us tend to associate weight gain with winter; eating larger meals and stodgy food for warmth and comfort. However, summer presents its own challenges and it’s actually quite easy to gain several pounds at this time of year without even noticing. This is especially true if you’re going away on a summer holiday. A fun and carefree week can cause you to come home unable to do up the buttons of your jeans!

Here are 6 tips that should help you avoid summer weight gain

  1. You don’t have to exercise each day, but try to get some movement most days. During summer it is sometimes just too hot to get a thorough workout. Sometimes just a 10 minute stroll can leave you in a lather of sweat. If you don’t have the time to exercise in the mornings, or the mornings heat up incredibly quickly, an evening stroll after dinner may be more pleasant.
    If you go on holiday, it is fine to take a break from your usual exercise routine. Sightseeing and shopping can be fun ways to stretch your legs and get some movement.
  2. Be careful with your drinks. You already know that soda can quickly pack on the pounds, but fruit drinks, iced tea, cocktails, iced coffee, smoothies and similar drinks can be much higher in sugar or fat than you realize. Some drinks can even have the same number of calories as a meal. The problem is, most drinks are not filling; therefore, do not cause you to eat less at your next meal.
    Try quenching your thirst with water, or squeeze a tiny amount of lemon or lime juice into the water for flavor. Alternatively, you could drink carbonated mineral water, or sweeten iced tea with stevia or our Nature Sweet sugar substitute.
  3. Don’t wear loose and baggy clothes while on holiday. Wearing loose fitting fabrics can be a license to overeat, particularly while on holiday. If you wear closely fitted clothing, you will easily and quickly notice if you’ve eaten too much or gained weight. This can give you ample time to make a few changes to your diet, before you’re left with several extra pounds. This recommendation is particularly relevant while on holiday, when many people throw caution to the wind and eat a big serving of dessert every night.
  4. Spare a thought for your hard working liver. The sugar, alcohol, artificial additives and excess calories you consume have to go somewhere, and it’s your poor liver that ends up with the task of breaking down and trying to excrete these toxins. If your liver is overworked you may feel tired, bloated, unmotivated, and sluggish. Feeling like that usually encourages people to eat unhealthy food and grab sugary snacks. People who feel unhealthy often resort to eating unhealthy food. Making the effort to prepare nutritious food can just feel too overwhelming. That is completely understandable if you are battling with fatigue. Why don’t you try my liver tonic Livatone Plus, and see if it gives you more energy?
  5. Fill up on protein and good fats. Party food can often be high in sugar, carbs, and unhealthy fats: crisps, pretzels, cookies and pie are all typical examples. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are lots of healthy snacks that can be just as delicious and won’t leave you with regrets the next day. Examples include olives, good quality smoked ham off the bone, devilled eggs, fresh vegetable sticks with healthy dips like hummus, baba ganoush or guacamole; roasted chicken wings, or shrimp.
  6. Make sure your meals are not plain and boring. Sometimes while trying to lose weight we can attempt to be perfect with our diet, and in the process eat plain, boring, and monotonous meals. Your meals should be full of flavor and you’re supposed to enjoy your food. Otherwise your diet plan will feel like a chore and you won’t stick with it for long. Each week we send you two healthy low carbohydrate recipes in our newsletters, and there are plenty of blogs with healthy recipes for inspiration.

Summer is a wonderful time, and it is possible to enjoy yourself and maintain a healthy weight as well.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.