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Are Supplements Safe?

Are Supplements Safe?

Jacqueline first came to see me at the age of 55 to ask advice about her thyroid gland which was affected with multiple nodules. She had been diagnosed with a multi-nodular goiter and wanted to shrink it.

Her past history included a melanoma, which had been removed from her right shoulder 10 years ago; thankfully this had not recurred.

When she visited her skin specialist she told this doctor that she took supplements containing vitamins and minerals; the skin specialist became aggressive and replied “Don’t take vitamins they will kill you!”

This type of attitude is not uncommon amongst medical doctors and we often see articles in the newspapers which portray dietary supplements as dangerous. I am saddened by the ignorance of some doctors and the mainstream media of the huge amount of clinical and population studies available that show that vitamins and minerals can help us to live longer and healthier lives. Why do these so-called professionals remain ignorant and antagonistic? Well it is for several reasons –

  • They are frightened of being sued, as modern day medicine follows guidelines that are accepted as black and white proven medicine. Go outside of these accepted norms and you can be sued.
  • Daily medical practise is designed around computer software that is created by universities and educational colleges funded by drug companies. These software programs only contain information and prescriptions for drugs and nothing for nutritional supplements, except for a few, such as iron, potassium and calcium supplements. These computer programs are hard to use if you want to prescribe something different or alternative.
  • Many busy medical professionals lack the time to do the research into nutritional medicine and have no experience in this area; this is why they feel uncomfortable or defensive.
  • Drug companies use lobbyists to influence governments to subsidise drugs but not vitamins and minerals.
  • Governments create laws that make it an offence for health professionals to make healing claims for nutritional and dietary supplements.

Today many patients are like Jacqueline in that they do their own research and make up their own minds about what is best for their health.

Jacqueline had been taking selenium supplements for several years as she was aware of the research that showed this mineral reduced the risk of cancer. She was also taking vitamin D as it has been proven to reduce the risk of cancer. These supplements would have been influential in her recovery from melanoma.

I did some tests on Jaqueline and found that her thyroid function was slightly low and that her urinary levels of iodine were very low. Jacqueline did not eat any seaweed and did not eat seafood so it was not surprising that she had a deficiency of iodine.

I prescribed THYROID HEALTH CAPSULES, in a dose of 2 daily for 3 months and thereafter one daily with food. After 12 months, all the nodules on her thyroid gland had gone, except for one thyroid cyst remaining. I had this cyst biopsied and it was benign (non-cancerous) so there was no need to worry.

Jacqueline told me that she was delighted to be rid of all these nodules. She had been told by her doctor never to take iodine as she had a thyroid problem! Well the opposite is true and in anyone with a thyroid problem it is important to test the level of iodine in the urine; if it is below normal levels, it is vital to take an iodine supplement.

Iodine is not only important to reduce goiter, it can also reduce the risk of cancer of the thyroid gland and breast diseases.

Selenium is a mineral that I use a lot in my medical practice because of its multiple benefits including a much stronger immune system. Many patients have not felt well since they suffered with a viral infection such as herpes (shingles or glandular fever) or a bad influenza. It has been proven that viral infections are more severe in people who are selenium deficient.

Deficiencies of selenium, iodine and vitamin D are common in this day and age. Governments have asked salt makers to add iodine to their salt but this is not enough for optimal health.

These deficiencies will increase your risk of thyroid disease, a weak immune system and cancer and yet this life saving information does not make the news in main stream media.

Jacqueline now feels healthier and more energetic than she did 20 years ago and it is due to the fact that she takes her supplements regularly. She does her own research and looks beyond the conspiracy theories that proliferate about the danger of supplements. Medicine has become politicized by big business so do not let yourself become a victim of this fearful, confusing and negative propaganda!

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