Sonia is a 37-year-old lady who came to see me for help with her immune system. She suffered with a great deal of allergies and only recently was diagnosed with the autoimmune condition called thrombocytopenia, which means she has abnormally low levels of platelets.

Sonia had put up with the allergies for many years, but the recent diagnosis of an autoimmune condition frightened her and she wanted to know if there was a natural way to help her immune system. At this stage her specialist had not recommended any treatment for the autoimmune disease. His advice was just to be monitored every 6 months. Sonia wasn’t happy with that suggestion and she sought ways to actively help herself.

Sonia’s allergies included hay fever, sinusitis and itchy spots on her skin in various parts of her body. She used anti-histamines when the symptoms became really bad, but the symptoms never went away fully.

Sonia had a busy and stressful life. She was a single mom with a daughter in her final year of high school. She did try to eat well and she exercised at least 3 times a week. However, Sonia didn’t get enough sleep because she went to bed very late each night and woke early. Her sleep quality was pretty terrible too, so she never felt refreshed and in fact felt increasingly exhausted in the mornings.

Sonia always had a bloated abdomen and felt quite uncomfortable after meals. She even felt nauseous sometimes. Sonia did mention to me that she doesn’t have a bowel motion every day; she goes every second day and the stool floats. This is a sign of malabsorption and I was not surprised. Digestive problems are usually the forerunner to allergies and allergies are the forerunner to autoimmune disease.

Thrombocytopenia is a condition where the immune system makes antibodies that attack and destroy a type of blood cell called platelets. Platelets are responsible for helping the blood to clot; therefore, a person without enough platelets is at risk of excessive bleeding. Sonia’s condition was not severe enough to be worrying and require immune-suppressing drugs, but she worried that it may become serious in the future.

My recommendations for Sonia

It was critical to improve Sonia’s digestion. Approximately 70 to 80 percent of the body’s immune system is found in the intestines. We cannot make significant improvements in Sonia’s health until we fix her digestion. I asked her to remove grains and dairy products, sugar and legumes from her diet, as these foods are difficult to digest and can have an irritating effect on the intestines, thus promoting “leaky gut syndrome”. I asked Sonia to base her diet on vegetables, salads, animal protein, fruit, and healthy fats.

I gave Sonia Ox Bile capsules, in order to provide symptom relief for the bloating and nausea, but also to help her extract more nutrients from her foods and supplements.

For fast acting symptomatic relief of her allergic symptoms I gave Sonia Allergy Relief tablets. They helped to reduce the itchy spots on her skin and cleared her nose and sinuses well so she could achieve a better quality sleep.

Speaking of sleep, I discussed the importance of going to bed at a reasonable hour with Sonia – before 11 pm. I also gave her a magnesium supplement to relax her nervous system and muscles and enable her to achieve a deeper, more refreshing sleep.

I saw Sonia again every 4 weeks for several months and she made significant improvements. She did need more thorough help to heal her leaky gut, so I used glutamine and Intestinal Parasite Cleanse. Sonia’s liver also needed a lot of help, as with anyone who suffers from allergies or autoimmune disease.

When the immune cells produce a flood of antibodies and inflammatory chemicals, where do you think they end up? At the liver. It is the liver’s job to cleanse and filter all this type of debris from the bloodstream. The liver can quickly become overwhelmed with these toxins and this can cause inflammation and damage to liver cells. Many of our patients with autoimmune disease have a fatty liver and this is due to the inflammatory chemicals in the bloodstream and the toxins coming from the intestines. Therefore improving liver health is critically important in all immune system disorders. I suggested that she use our LivaTone Plus supplement as it would support her liver.

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