Megan is a 35 year old lady who came to our clinic seeking help for a few problems. She was very bothered by noisy sounds coming from her gut. Megan had all sorts of digestive problems; she was constipated and very bloated, and by the end of the day her abdomen was hard and hurt when she pressed on it.

Megan has two children and is a stay at home mom. She occasionally helps her husband with the paperwork involved in running his business, but said she usually doesn’t have the energy and her head feels too foggy to be able to achieve much. Her doctor detected a borderline thyroid problem. Megan is in the early stages of hypothyroidism (under active thyroid gland) caused by Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Her doctor told her it’s not bad enough to warrant medication, but Megan has been feeling unwell for quite some time. She is also concerned about recent scalp hair loss, which is a common symptom of an under active thyroid.

When I looked at Megan’s blood test results, I could see a long history of sluggish thyroid function. Her TSH level fluctuated between 2.9 and 3.6 for the past 5 years. An ideal level is between 0.5 and 2.5. Megan had asked her doctor for a vitamin D blood test and urinary iodine test because she understood the importance of these tests after reading our book Your Thyroid Problems Solved. Unsurprisingly, she was deficient in both.

My recommendations for my patient

  • I asked Megan to take 2 Thyroid Health capsules each day, as they would provide the nutrients her thyroid gland requires for manufacturing hormones, and would correct her vitamin D and iodine insufficiency.
  • It is important to remove gluten and dairy products from the diet. This would improve Megan’s digestion, reduce the bloating and all the noise her intestines were making. Gluten can be a trigger of autoimmune thyroid disease for some people. To help ease the constipation I asked Megan to take 2 teaspoons of Fibertone powder in the evening. I also asked Megan to take a Digestive Enzymes capsule with each meal. This would help her digest her food more thoroughly, resulting in less bloating and discomfort. Undigested food in the small intestine provides food for all the wrong bugs and yeast. This not only causes digestive problems, it can contribute to fatigue and immune system problems. Bactoclear capsules contain the essential oils of oregano, clove and thyme. They are excellent for killing bad gut bugs which can inflame the intestines and cause leaky gut syndrome. This can be a driver of autoimmune disease. I asked Megan to take 2 Bactoclear capsules with breakfast and 2 with dinner.
  • Megan didn’t drink enough water. I asked her to drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water or cups or herbal tea each day. This is very helpful at improving energy, and it softens the stool, reducing the risk of constipation.
  • The scalp hair loss would improve once Megan’s thyroid hormone production improved, but it will also get better when her digestion improves. Poor digestion creates malabsorption of nutrients. That means even though Megan may follow a healthy diet, if her digestion is poor, she’ll still be lacking nutrients. This commonly manifests as dry, brittle hair or excessive scalp hair loss.

Five weeks later

When I saw Megan for her follow up appointment, she said “I feel so much better. I have so much energy now and my brain feels clearer”. Along with the improvements in energy, Megan was very happy with how much better her digestion was. She no longer spent most of the day feeling depressed about how bloated and uncomfortable she felt. Megan will have a blood test to check on the health of her thyroid gland in another four weeks and I plan to see her again at that stage.


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