Chamomile tea is something you'd think of to drink before bed to calm and relax you, but did you know it can actually help reduce the risk of thyroid conditions?

A study conducted in Greece showed that those who drink chamomile tea regularly have a significantly reduced risk of thyroid abnormalities. Individuals who drank chamomile tea two to six times per week had a 70 percent lower risk of developing thyroid problems, whereas people who drank it regularly for 30 years reduced their risk by 80 percent.

The authors of the study made the following interesting statement:

“Although in the last decade several studies have addressed the protective role of black and green tea on several diseases, including cancer, there are only few and controversial studies on the effect of tea on benign and malignant thyroid diseases.

…Our findings suggest for the first time that drinking herbal teas, especially chamomile, protects from thyroid cancer as well as other benign thyroid diseases.”

What makes chamomile so special?

It contains an anticancer flavonoid (type of antioxidant) called apigenin. This compound has been shown to slow the growth of tumors or cause them to shrink in animal studies. Apigenin is also found in other plants such as parsley and celery. It would be a good idea to include all these sources in your diet regularly.


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