I was in the office one afternoon and happened to pick up the phone. On the end of the phone was a lovely woman called Crystal who was very distressed, as she had just been told by a liver specialist she probably had cirrhosis of her liver. This was because her blood test showed raised liver enzymes and her recent liver fibro-scan had a high score, which is typical of a scarred liver.

Well, you could say this lady was lucky that day as she caught me on the phone and I was able to spend time with her. I discovered that she was very overweight and had symptoms typical of an inflamed liver including a red face, was always overheated and sweaty. I asked her if she drank excess alcohol or took any drugs and the answer was no.

I concluded that she had a case of severe fatty liver disease due to being overweight and consuming large amounts of sugar and take away foods.

I explained to Crystal that I could reverse her fatty liver disease if she did a cleansing diet and took some liver supplements. I started Crystal on my 15-day Dr Cabot Cleanse Program which involved a diet of natural unprocessed low carbohydrate foods and 3 cleansing powders for the liver, gut and immune system.

After one month Crystal had lost over 10 kilograms in weight. A follow up fibro-scan showed that her level of scarring had dropped enormously so that she was no longer considered to be at risk of cirrhosis of the liver. Crystal’s blood test showed normal liver function and her previously high blood sugar levels were normal.

Crystal felt so good she decided to do 3 rounds of my 15-day Dr Cabot Cleanse and after another 2 months, she had lost nearly 20 kilograms in weight; she continues to lose weight and feel well and happy.

It is interesting that severe fatty liver can cause so much inflammation that the liver becomes swollen and stiff and a fibroscan can confuse this with the stiffness of a liver affected by cirrhosis.

It is even more interesting that a scientific cleanse can reverse the condition of fatty liver, even if it is severe. This is most worthwhile as severe fatty liver disease, also known as non-alcoholic steatorrhoeic hepatosis, can lead to weight excess, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

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