Constipation Puts A Great Strain On Your Liver And Gallbladder

After you have digested the food in your intestines and broken it down into its building blocks, most of the nutrients get absorbed into your bloodstream via a vein called the hepatic portal vein. This vein travels directly to your liver. If you are having regular, thorough bowel movements, the waste in your intestines will be eliminated from your body. However, in a constipated person, the waste remains in the intestines for a much longer period of time, and consequently some of that waste gets reabsorbed back into the bloodstream, and travels straight to your liver.

Constipation also worsens the common hormone imbalance in women known as estrogen dominance and relative progesterone deficiency. Women are supposed to break down large quantities of estrogen each day in their liver, and excrete it in bowel motions. Constipated women reabsorb much of that estrogen and it ends up recirculating back to the liver. This can produce unpleasant symptoms such as PMS, menstrual cramps, heavy periods and tender breasts, but it can also raise the risk of breast or uterine cancer in the future.

Some people can easily and quickly resolve their constipation just by drinking more water and following a healthy diet. Unfortunately for others the solution is not so simple. Colon Cleanse capsules contain ingredients to keep your colon clean, and your liver healthy.