Many people do not understand that a healthy liver is important in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, especially diabetes type 2. They often get a surprise when they work on improving their liver function and they see their blood sugar levels start to decrease and see the weight coming off – what a pleasant surprise!

Why does the liver affect diabetes?

  • A fatty liver is associated with higher insulin levels and insulin resistance, which causes unstable blood sugar levels and weight gain.
  • A fatty liver does not contain as much stored sugar (glycogen), so when blood sugar levels drop, you feel unwell and need a sugar hit.
  • A sluggish liver is less able to make its own sugar (glucose) from protein and fat; this increases cravings for sugar and high carbohydrate foods.

A sluggish or fatty liver can make you addicted to sugar!

So, you can see why everyone with pre-diabetes and diabetes type 2 can benefit greatly from improving their liver – it is an easy way to help you improve your blood sugar levels. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that over 1 in 3 American adults have blood sugar levels that are too high and can be considered as pre-diabetes.

In 2016 UCLA researchers reported that 46% of adults living in California are either pre-diabetic or have undiagnosed type 2 diabetes.
Even if your blood sugar level is slightly elevated you can start to sustain damage to your kidneys, eyes, nerves and blood vessels. So, do not accept even slightly high blood sugar levels. Doctors suspect prediabetes when fasting blood glucose levels are in the range 100 to 125 mg/Dl. Ideally blood sugar levels should be below 90 mg/Dl. A more accurate test of long term blood sugar levels is a test called hemoglobin A1c and the American Diabetes Association states if your A1c is between 5.7% to 6.4% you have prediabetes.

See some correspondence from a lady who found out that improving her liver function helped her lower her blood sugar levels.

"Hello! Thank you so much for your Livatone Plus product. I have been labeled Type 2 diabetic since the late 1990s. Thankfully, I have no other signs of diabetes.

My last A1c test in April was 9.0 (glucose running around 240 in the mornings) and my doctor added Metformin to my Amaryl regiment. I was not happy! When the nurse contacted me to say there was an additional prescription at the pharmacy, she also stated my cholesterol was elevated and my doctor wanted to put me on a statin. I refused.

One day after that call from the nurse, I saw your product on Facebook so I ordered it. I received the order Wednesday, May 3rd, and took one capsule;

Here are my blood sugar readings:

5/4/17 Thursday a.m. was 201 (down about 30 points just after one capsule!)
- lunchtime was 100!!

5/5/17 Friday a.m. was 214
- lunchtime was 107

5/6/17 Saturday a.m. was 169
- lunchtime was 82

5/7/17 Sunday a.m. was 172
(We ate out 2 meals so lunchtime - so I knew it might be higher)

5/8/17 Monday a.m. was 215
- lunchtime was 123

I have only taken Livatone Plus for five days and have already seen such a dramatic improvement that I ordered my next bottle! I never want to be without this!!!! I wish I had known about this product 10 years ago for my dad. :(

Thank you so much for your help in getting my insulin resistance reversed! For the first time in years, I am actually looking forward to my next blood work. I want to see how much better my cholesterol is (as well!)."

Jennifer North Carolina