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Do You Know Which Commonly Used Drug May Double The Risk Of Melanoma?

Do You Know Which Commonly Used Drug May Double The Risk Of Melanoma?

Research published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine has found a strong association with Viagra and development of melanoma.

An estimated 45 million men have taken Viagra (sildenafil) since it was released in 1998. According to the study findings, these men have been placed at nearly double the risk of developing melanoma. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the USA and melanoma is by far the deadliest. It has a bad reputation for spreading quickly and being very aggressive.

Melanoma begins in melanocytes, which are skin cells that synthesize melanin, which gives skin its color. Melanocytes are the type of cells responsible for creating moles. Occasionally, melanoma can develop in mucus membranes within the body, or the eyes, rather than the skin.

The Melanoma Research Foundation has said approximately 77,000 cases of melanoma were diagnosed in 2014, and the disease caused almost 10,000 deaths. It is one of the fastest growing cancers in the USA.

Viagra is in the category of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors. This research has focused on Viagra specifically because it has been in use longer than its competitors, so there’s a greater time period to conduct research. The research was led by Qing Li, Ph.D., of the Harvard Medical School-Brigham and Women’s Hospital and analyzed data collected by the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study. The study began in 1986 and includes data on more than 51,000 male health professionals who were between the ages of 40 and 75 when the research began.

Out of 25,848 men that fit the research criteria, 6.3 percent reported use of Viagra and 5.8 percent had used it recently. During the study period, 142 men were diagnosed with malignant melanoma. Recent use of Viagra was associated with an 84 percent increased incidence of melanoma, compared to men who had never taken Viagra. The researchers explained that an association between Viagra and melanoma is plausible because the drug affects the same cell signaling pathways that are operating as melanoma metastasizes.

Unfortunately all drugs have side effects. Some are discovered a lot sooner than others. The best way to maintain erection strength for as long as possible is to remain slim, fit and active. Overweight men, diabetic men and men with syndrome X are far more likely to experience erectile dysfunction earlier in life.