Researchers have discovered that 15 chemicals are capable of bringing on an earlier menopause. Unfortunately, we all live in a fairly polluted world and our bodies contain measurable levels of environmental chemicals. Women with the highest levels of these chemicals (measured via urine and blood tests) can experience menopause up to four years earlier than women with low levels. Four years is a significant amount of time when you consider the terrible symptoms that many women suffer with when they reach menopause. Also, an earlier menopause means fewer fertile years. This can be a real problem for women who are in their early 40s and trying to start a family.

The chemicals responsible for these changes are known as endocrine-disrupting chemicals because they have adverse effects on the hormones we produce in our bodies. The 15 chemicals include pesticides, a variety of now-banned chemicals called PCBs and two phthalates (found in plastic). Even though some of the chemicals were banned many years ago, they are referred to as Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) because they don’t readily break down, so they remain in the environment for decades.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to avoid chemical exposure these days, but you do have some choice in what products you use on your body and around your home. It is also wise to limit your use of plastic food containers as much as possible. It is healthier to store food and water in glass. It is also wise to give your body a thorough cleanse periodically. The 15 Day Cleanse helps improve the health of your gut, liver and immune system, helping your body deal with increasing levels of toxicity on our planet.