Karen is a 61 year old woman who first came to see me in May 2005. Karen had been diagnosed with a fatty liver by her doctor and also had high triglycerides, cholesterol level in the upper normal limit and a uric acid level which was also on the higher side of normal. Karen also had high iron levels in her blood and her liver enzyme counts have been raised for the past 15 years. Her blood sugar and insulin levels were also both on the higher side of normal and her doctor indicated to her that she was indeed pre-diabetic. These blood tests were obviously a major concern to her.

I placed Karen on the liver cleansing diet and I reduced her carbohydrate intake to the level outlined in the second stage of the Syndrome X diet. I suggested that she started taking “Livatone Plus” (1 capsule twice daily) to assist in reducing the inflammation in her liver and “Glicemic Balance” (1 capsule 3 times daily) to help her control cravings.

Her liver enzyme counts are now the lowest they have been in fifteen years and continue to improve. We are both very pleased with her results so far, as is her doctor. Karen’s cholesterol levels, uric acid and triglycerides are also now well within normal limits. Her iron levels in her blood are now also beginning to decrease.

Karen noted that her energy levels and digestive symptoms have improved significantly and she is feeling the best she has felt in many years.

Airlie Finlay (Adv.Dip.Nat. BHSc.), has been working as Dr Sandra Cabot's Queensland Consultant since January 2001. She has been working within the health industry for the past 14 years. Airlie is passionate about her commitment to promoting nutritional and lifestyle changes that can lead to our increased health and vitality.