We all know basing our diet on healthy foods helps to reduce the risk of health problems. A new study has shown that a whole foods diet is protective against colon cancer, and may act as a viable therapeutic strategy for preventing its development.

The study was published in the Nutritional Journal of Biochemistry. It found that consuming high levels of brightly colored plant foods decreases levels of a substance called interleukin-6. This substance is known as an inflammatory cytokine. Elevated levels are strongly associated with colon cancer and other inflammatory conditions such as autoimmune disease and joint pain.

People in the study who ate higher amounts of brightly colored vegetables and fruits had interleukin-6 levels that were six times lower than those who didn’t eat much fresh produce. There are prescription drugs available that reduce interleukin-6. They are prescribed for some inflammatory and chronic diseases. Unfortunately, these drugs are very expensive and come with a long list of side effects. Why not let food be your medicine?

I am always asking my patients to eat more salads. Ideally, you would eat one or two salads each day, even throughout winter. I am also a huge fan of raw vegetable juices. Juicing is a fantastic way of concentrating nutrients and making them easier for your digestive system to process and absorb nutrients. That’s why I wrote my book Raw Juices Can Save Your Life. It contains an A to Z of medical conditions, and which specific raw juices are most therapeutic.

If you are wanting to reduce your risk of colon cancer, it is also important to make sure you’re getting enough fiber in your diet. Fiber helps to keep everything moving. You don’t want the waste in your colon to remain there for too long. This is what can initiate cell changes that may lead to polyps and eventual bowel cancer. If you don’t always get enough fiber in your diet, the natural, gentle fiber in my Fibertone powder helps to sweep your colon clean.

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