Help Protect Your Body From Radiation

Did you know that n-acetyl cysteine can help to protect your body from radiation? N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is a sulphur containing compound that powerfully supports your own body’s production of the amazing antioxidant glutathione. Having higher levels of glutathione in your body may help to reduce the negative impact of radiation exposure.

Experiments conducted on mice showed that NAC supplementation reduced liver damage from radiation, reduced oxidative stress and reduced DNA damage following radiation exposure. Research conducted on human bone marrow cells also showed a significant protective effect of n-acetyl cysteine.

Modern living has meant we are continually exposed to one form of radiation or another. Taking a NAC supplement regularly may help to offset some of the harmful effects and DNA damage induced by radiation. It may be particularly beneficial to take supplemental NAC before and after X-rays, CT scans and air travel. If you travel frequently and often pass through airport scanners, you would greatly benefit from taking NAC.

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