A plan to recover with complementary and modern treatments

This book is a guide for people with chronic viral hepatitis and it offers them practical and effective evidence based holistic medicine. Don’t believe that you cannot be helped, as holistic medicine has the power to change your life. I have seen this in my own health and in the health of thousands of my patients over the 40 years that I have been a medical doctor. I hope that you can trust me as a guide in your journey to better health. My team is here to help you via my websites and Health Advisory Services in Australia and the USA.

This book is designed to act as an holistic resource for those who have chronic infections with the hepatitis B and/or C viruses and HIV, with the aims of achieving –

  • A healthier liver that is able to withstand the potential damage inflicted by these nasty viruses
  • A reduction in viral load (the amount of virus in your body)
  • A reduction of viral replication
  • A stronger immune system, which is your greatest health asset
  • A reduction of your risk of liver cancer
  • A reduction in symptoms, especially fatigue
  • A better quality of life