Iodine Helps Relieve Breast Pain

Iodine is a mineral with several important functions in the body.  It is required for the production of thyroid hormones. In women, a large amount of iodine is stored in the ovaries and breasts.  Research has shown that iodine deficiency increases the risk of fibrocystic breast disease; where the breasts become lumpy and painful, particularly before menstruation. Taking supplemental iodine helps to resolve these symptoms.

Iodine promotes the healthy detoxification of estrogen and also makes breast cells less sensitive to estrogen. Women have a higher requirement for iodine than men. It helps to promote regular ovulation in menstruating women, and in that way supports progesterone production. That makes it one of the most important remedies for estrogen excess and estrogen dominance symptoms like breast pain, ovarian cysts, and PMS. I find that supplementing iodine with progesterone cream works wonderfully for these conditions.

Iodine deficiency is an increasingly common problem in many parts of the world.  Your iodine level can be accurately checked with a simple urine test that your doctor can arrange for you.  Seafood that comes from the ocean and seaweed are good sources of iodine.  Unfortunately much of the seafood available these days is farmed, where the food given to the fish is iodine deficient, therefore the fish you eat doesn’t contain much at all.

Wild caught seafood can be very expensive and is not always available, and even patients of mine who regularly consume it are often found to be iodine deficient. Therefore, if you suffer with breast pain or other symptoms of estrogen dominance, an iodine supplement is advisable.